The Simoncini Group Word Trading is a company that operates in the field of commerce, consulting and international representation.
Born in Empoli in 1980 as Simoncini Europe Trading, it was transformed into Simoncini World Trading in 2000, extending its range of action year after year to consolidate solid and lasting partnerships in the United States, India, South East Asia and China.
SWT has been able to evolve and acquire a significant position on the international scene by offering consulting services, product development and marketing for leading companies in various product sectors. Two more companies have been opened since the year two thousand and the group now consists of the original Simoncini World Trading rappresentanze, SWT management and consulting and SWT Food & Beverages. The three companies, managed in first person by the founding members, avail themselves of a team of valid specialized collaborators who directly follow the clients in research, marketing and development in order to always maintain direct and professional contact.



True talent comes from ourselves. But in modern business to achieve, build and maintain one’s own success, one concept is essential, cooperation. With someone who knows how to inspire you and stimulate you, preparing you for the future, sharing with you knowledge, skills, risks and above all… results.



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